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This website is insecure!

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With the expansion of online banking, home automation and much more, we need to pay ever more attention to online security. The last few years has seen a mammoth increase in Cybercrime. Criminals are also becoming cleverer in the ways they attack us.


What are security certificates for?

The certificate for

Pretty much everything nowadays!

Digital certificates make secure transactions across the internet work.

A certificate exists for every secure domain that you visit (banking, on-line shopping, etc.), and your web browser automatically collects and stores them for you.

Certificates include two things:

  1. Proof of the site's bona fides:
    The certificate describes the official 'chain of trust', from the site owner, right back to a security 'root authority' from whom the site's certificate was originally issued.

    This is supposed to mean:
    "A (who is above all suspicion)
    trusts B, who trusts C,
    who owns this web site."

    It's a nice idea, but, although it should let you trust whoever you're dealing with, in practice it's best to make up your own mind independently.

  2. Security keys: public keys, used in the secure, encrypted link between you and any site that has a 'padlock' icon.

    This bit works really well, so much so that this one thing enables the whole of the Web to be used for commercial purposes. Without it we would have no online shopping nor banking, and the "Cloud" would just be a thing that rains on us when it passes overhead!


Our new Domain Name Service


a web browser's location bar

To enable us to provide a complete service to our clients we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new, fully Nominet registered and approved, domain name registration and management service.

This means that all .UK domains registered through us are directly managed by us - no intermediaries at all.

This will enable us to look after your domain names, and you will benefit from the renowned quality of our support team should you encounter any issues.

In the light of recent press reports of .UK domains being at risk of "hijack", it's more important than ever to be able to fully trust companies you do Internet business with!

To learn more, or register your domain with us, just visit our website and get started...


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