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Don't lose Office 365 emails!

Microsoft Office 365 logoA lot of businesses, and individuals, have taken up Microsoft Office 365. On the surface there's a lot to like:

  1. automatic software updates,
  2. access to the latest versions of key business applications,
  3. predictable monthly payments,
  4. Cloud storage,
  5. easy access to mobile and Cloud versions of key Office software

And that's naming just five! As Microsoft Silver Partners, we sell a lot of Office 365 licenses and administer hundreds of copies of it for our clients.

But back in the day…

A Microsoft Small Buisiness Server

… you might have had your own server in your office, managing and hosting your email. If you were like the majority of independent businesses, it was probably running Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS, which used Exchange as well).

You were also, probably, making regular backups (and if you weren't you knew that you should have been!) to counter any failures and disasters. Those would have included all your emails.


Our new Domain Name Service


a web browser's location bar

To enable us to provide a complete service to our clients we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new, fully Nominet registered and approved, domain name registration and management service.

This means that all .UK domains registered through us are directly managed by us - no intermediaries at all.

This will enable us to look after your domain names, and you will benefit from the renowned quality of our support team should you encounter any issues.

In the light of recent press reports of .UK domains being at risk of "hijack", it's more important than ever to be able to fully trust companies you do Internet business with!

To learn more, or register your domain with us, just visit our website and get started...


007 in "For your GDPR Only"

MI6 HQ in London

When "M" has finished spymastering for the day, or pops out for a cheeky Nando's, we always see her locking the "Top Secret" files away in the office safe. We know that's so that no secrets will be discovered, even if an enemy spy (or the tea person) manages to gain access to the empty office.

In business, we need to be like "M"…

GDPR is about paper records as well as digital

In a previous post we looked at Data Protection and the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). However, we didn't make it clear that the regulations don't just apply to digital data stored on your IT systems and network but also apply to paper records too.


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