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We're proud to be Cyberoam Gold Partners, as we can now offer best–in–class network security products to our clients.

So what makes Cyberoam so good?

  • Speed and performance: Everyone needs a firewall, but it needn't slow you down. Cyberoam devices mean affordable performance, a typical mid-range device offering a real 9.5Gb/sec* throughput, and two million concurrent sessions. All of that performance is usable—there are no hidden bottlenecks. There are no gotchas nor small print disclaimers either, nor slow-but-necessary, third-party add-ons for critical filtering tasks.

    We're fairly certain Cyberoam test the life out of their designs, just to make sure...

  • Unified Threat Management: For small- and medium-enterprises, Cyberoam puts all the tools you need in one place, with one easy management interface and one simple update process. There's no chance of security tools interfering with each other, and no reason for virus signatures, blacklists, etc., not to stay fully up-to-date. You no longer have to separately manage your firewalls, mail filtering, web access, etc. Everything is in one simple, high-performance box, automatically kept current.

  • Cyberoam CR-Series appliances
  • Identity-based Controls: In the years BC ("before Cyberoam"), you had to be a good detective to catch people abusing the system. It's easier now. Cyberoam integrates fully with Active Directory, LDAP and RADIUS network authentication, to give you an easily-followed audit trail, showing who's using the network, what they're doing on-line, and when. To a user it's all transparent.

    Of course, you can also use your network user accounts as a basis for access policy setting. Grant access to the internet for exactly, and only the necessary purposes. Block everything else, keeping your people, your network, and your organisation's reputation, secure.

  • Excellent reporting tools: All Cyberoam devices, from the smallest SOHO boxes to enterprise class units, are managed with the same simple and powerful interface. It's point-and-click, giving you full user-centric reporting, including:

    • Application use
    • Web and search engine use
    • Mail use
    • IM/social media use
    • Data transfers
    • Spam and virus attacks
    • Intrusion attempts
    • Blocked activity
    • VPN/SSL-VPN activity

    Obviously, there's all the usual stuff too: traffic analysis, threat reporting, performance data—what you need, all easily found and easily used.

  • Flexibility: Cyberoam technology is consistent and expandable, from the smallest units upwards. Enterprise class devices use scalable hardware - plug-in more performance as/when you need it. All devices run a unique operating system that's readily upgradable, and which allows Cyberoam boxes to be operated and managed in groups. They can also provide fully managed Wifi and BYOD access points, and even WiMax (wireless WAN) support.

For more details, about specific products, our Cyberoam services, and how you can take advantage of Cyberoam in your sector, please see the menu to the left of this page.

*CR300iNG-XP: 9.5Gbit/sec (TCP/IP) [back]

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