Connectivity and Security

Threats to data security and company information are increasing daily.

It's necessary to prevent external attacks from the Internet at many different levels.

We make sure it's safe!

It's also wise to protect information internally from prying eyes, and even malicious damage.

In addition, contingency plans ought to be in place. These can literally save the business should a catastrophic event occur.

Security equipment has advanced to cope with modern threats, but that inevitably means it's become ever more complex. Without specialist knowledge, some of the tools available can be far more of an obstacle to users than a benefit.

Secure communications are possible, however (thanks to the Internet), over long distances, and cost effectively too. It is possible to keep business data and communications safe and without undue restrictions on collaborative business activities.

We have a great deal of experience in installing and managing security devices such as firewalls, access control devices such as key based authentication systems, as well as onsite and offsite backup and data protection systems. We are familiar with modern integrated facilities management systems too, and have design-level expertise in video-over-IP technology and other remote monitoring approaches.

We are also members of national and international security forums which provide us with advanced warning on current and looming security threats; information which we use to ensure our clients are fully protected from external or internal threats to data security.

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