IP Telephony Integration

Keeping separate telephone systems and IT infrastructure is as wasteful as it is old fashioned!

Be heard loud and clear!We specify, supply, install and support modern IP telephony systems. These are more cost effective, more flexible, and far better suited to modern business demands than you could possibly imagine—unless of course, you've already got one of our systems!

Here are just some of the real, practical benefits of switching to IP:

  • Save money on both line rentals and call costs (for typical clients, payback is measured in months!).
  • Take full advantage of caller ID services, and integrated contact management software (the phone knows who's calling, before you answer, and your PC shows you the account details).
  • Integrate your mobile devices—laptops, tablet/iPad devices, ordinary phones, laptops, etc.—seamlessly with the office network, and the office 'phone system!
  • Operate out-of-hours numbers as if you're in the office.
  • Automatically charge calls to cost centres or client accounts.
  • Use one network for both PC networking and phones, and the internet for secure extensions anywhere on the planet you may need them.

Cisco Systems are the industry leaders in this field, and we are proud to be Cisco Select Certified partners, recognising our expertise in both networking and IP telephony products.

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