Remote Working

Increasingly, home offices, hotels and other remote locations are becoming 'just part of the company network' as more and more staff need access to their office systems and facilities, although they're not physically in the office.

Work anywhere your kids can!Bristol IT Company is very experienced in providing secure Internet access and virtual private networking (VPN). We also have expert knowledge of voice-over-IP (VOIP) setups with a range of different carriers and can offer advice and planning services so that your approach best fits your business needs.

Our other services include:

  • Planning, installing and maintaining secure and encrypted connections to your office from anywhere in the world
  • High security VPN connection between home and office or between different office locations both locally and remotely
  • Delivering your emails to you anywhere including on your mobile phone
  • Using your existing Internet connection for making free phone calls
  • Video and voice conferencing, either with colleagues in other locations or with customers for presentations and meetings. This can be on a one-off or contract basis, or we can help you select your own preferred supplier.

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