Short-term IT Cover

In a short-term crisis, we have what you need!

At Bristol IT, we specialise in providing the backup you need, when you need it, especially for those difficult-to-fill, short term (and short-notice!) gaps.



We provide:

  • Helpdesk divert cover: Our own helpdesk can cover for short-term absences, simply by diverting the calls for as long as necessary. We have fully qualified front-line and back-line staff available.
  • Server monitoring: We monitor servers remotely for many of our clients. We can warn you of any issues so that action can be taken (or we can fix it for you). It's often sorted-out well before users notice any problem!
  • Backup and contingency/business-continuity cover: When there's a gap in the team, the backup cycle can get neglected. Our security-vetted staff can take on this task, to ensure all is kept safe.
  • Specialist application support: If your one application programmer is away, problems don't necessarily have to wait. With our experts on-call, you can still maintain specialist cover for critical in-house applications.

Short-notice cover is also available to our customers, either as part of our normal contract arrangements or on a pay-as-you-go basis. Depending on requirement (and location!) this can be as integrated as having Bristol IT staff seconded, or as simple as helpdesk redirection. We are confident we can meet your needs!

Above all, we excel as team players. Please call us, or use our contact form to tell us your needs, and find out how cost-effectively we can fill the gaps.

To enquire about our no
ties support offer call us on

01173 700 777

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